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Microneedling revival treatment with Dermapen

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Micro needling is a tasteful dermatology treatment that instigates collagen arrangement in the skin, utilizing a needle gadget that delivers various shallow miniature stings. The technique is additionally called "collagen treatment to instigate collagen development."


The remedial rule on which it is based is to make a controlled physical issue to the skin to animate the body to shape new elastin and collagen layers, just as new blood vessels.


Along these lines, we improve the blood supply to the treated territory, which encourages the skin to recover and reshape itself.


Notwithstanding the collagen enlistment impact, the vertical channels created by miniature needles permit, during the strategy, the more effective assimilation of some active substances through the skin (hyaluronic corrosive, depigmenting substances, immature microorganisms, antiaging serums, plasma treatment).


The treatment can be utilized on the face (counting eyelids), neck, décolleté, hands, and different body territories.


What is Dermapen?


A few micro-needling gadgets are as of now accessible. However, we would say, the most remarkable micro-needling framework is Dermapen. In the Ski novate facility, we utilize the most recent Dermapen 4, which ensures protected treatment and unsurprising outcomes.


Dermapen 4 has a few advancements:


1. Utilizations a programmed arrangement of 16 needles of size 33 on the Gauge scale, made of treated steel, sanitized with gamma radiation. It sways up to 120 vibrations/second and creates 1920 channels for each second, i.e. 49.7% a larger number of channels than Dermapen 3 and 104% more than different gadgets available. More than 250 microchannel are framed per square centimeter of skin. More channels mean better skin porousness for active substances and quicker medicines on more immense territories.


2. The needles' profundity can be set with too high precision, in levels of 0,1 mm, by methods for an electronically and not precisely guided framework, as in different techniques. This permits a fantastic variation of the needles' profundity to treat delicate territories (eyelids, scalp, genital region). Additionally, it is a most extreme depth of 3 mm to treat profound, atrophic scars (post-skin inflammation scars, post-medical procedure, posture, stretch imprints).


3. The exceptional expendable needle offers different points of interest:


A superb wellbeing profile: the needle, the bracing framework and the gadget are worked to kill liquid pollution during treatment


No danger of skin tearing/scratching - more established machines have a level of skin pulling/scratching. However, developments in the needle development framework have diminished these negative impacts to zero. Because of this change, recovery after the strategy is quicker and touchy regions (eyelids, scalp, genital zone) can be dealt with.

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