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Rigid Boxes Are The Best Option To Take Over The Market. Here Is Why:

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Rigid boxes are in use for many industries, including jewellery, cosmetic, and other luxury products. Moreover, this packaging is specifically the best for grandeur items like perfumes, watches, cosmetic products, etc. This packaging gives an elite look to the products, which is what attracts customers the most.  

Moreover, these boxes are made of 36pt to 120pt boards, and now you know why this packaging is the strongest. However, this packaging is more expensive than folding cartons. It is because they are shipped flat and thus have a low cost. However, rigid boxes are erect thus have a high cost.

Perfect For Gifts. Why?

Hearing the word gifts, a shiny, fancy and decorative packaging comes to mind. It is because such packaging gives products a gift-like look. Moreover, there are some products that are perfect gifts like perfumes and cosmetic items. However, one thing that bothers customers is the packaging, as they have the box separately. So, those brands which use fancy packaging for packing products people will definitely prefer their brand for purchase as they no longer need to spend separately in this way.

So, rigid packaging is a perfect choice as the box looks appealing and graceful itself. Furthermore, companies offer some add-ons like foiling, embossing, and debossing to make the box prettier. Using them in the right way gives glamour to the box that nobody can resist.

Support Brand Promotion:

The pretty looks of the box help in brand promotion as well. It is because if you use elegant packaging, it becomes the source of brand publication. In this way, customers release that the product belongs to you by just seeing the packaging. Similarly, the grace of the box fascinates other people as well and forces them to pay a visit.

Apart from that, to make boxes the source of marketing and brand promotion, print brand identity on the box, which makes customers remember you for a longer time. In this way, they will praise your product and packaging each time they use the product.

There are different ways of highlighting the brand identity on the box. For instance, printing a logo with foiling on the plain packaging prominently displays the logo on the box which attracts customers from afar. It gives the overall packaging an appealing look as well.

Provide Ultimate Protection To Products:

Apart from beauty, this packaging material is famous for its thickness as well. It starts from 36pt. So now you can imagine the thickness of the packaging. Similarly, it is made of kraft and cardboard, which is another reason for its high demand.

So, for brands that want to invest in the packaging and take advantage of its pretty looks, a rigid box is the best option. The reason is its thickness which keeps items safe and beautiful that display products perfectly.

Increase Customer’s Base:

You cannot deny that boxes are the introduction to the product. It is like the mirror through which customers see the product. For this reason, the packaging must have appealing properties and grace that grab attention instantly. So, as customers decide the future of brands, designing boxes is the easiest way of targeting customers. However, for that, it is better to design packaging considering the target audience.

For instance, for cosmetic items, if you are offering special products for teenagers who are chemical-free, print the packaging with striking colours like yellow, pink or purple to represent kids. In this way, the packaging will let customers understand that these products are specifically for kids.  

Similarly, for perfumes, the packaging helps in identifying the scent for a specific gender. Like, blue mostly represents boys and pink or white represent women.

Always design packaging with proper planning to get the best outcomes and make your money worth spending.


For product packaging, there are two main features that brands and customers mostly want to see. Protection and presentation. So, Rigid boxes have both these properties thus is the best packaging option for all products. Moreover, it is functional, and you can get them in different shapes and styles.

Get two-piece boxes, sleeve boxes, or mailer packaging as the packaging style influences the box's overall look.

However, the packaging company you choose also affects the packaging. It is because there are many quacks in the market who know nothing about box designing. They are concerned only with money. So, make the right choice to get excellent results. For that, do research before selecting a company.

Ask for Prototypes:

One of the properties of a good company is that they send prototypes. It is because they want to satisfy customers from every perspective, and prototypes are the best option. The reason is that customers can see the box model in this way and make changes if necessary.

So, now you know how to find a company to get rigid boxes. So, place your order now.

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