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7 Key Google My Business Automation Metrics

Viewed 261 times20-9-2021 10:43 AM |Personal category:digital marketing| google my business

Google My Business is an internet-based platform for businesses to connect customers, boost productivity, and boost profits. With this powerful service, you can create and manage your Google Website, blogs, and websites from your own computer. Post perk the ability to post unique, relevant content on your business website. You'll get tips and helpful hints on how to optimize your content for optimal SEO. Stay current with the latest trends and industry news.

PostScribe: Create and manage your Google Website, blog, and websites. PostScribe calculates and displays the number of unique visitors who visit your site and the number of ads displayed. You can also monitor the clicks on your ad campaigns. PostScribe provides a customized search console, so you can view conversion stats and insights.

Google Analytics: Get quick insights on your advertising campaigns and know that adverts are performing well and which ones aren't doing so well. From daily to monthly summary emails, you can track clicks, impressions, and ad conversion stats. This free service also includes detailed trending reports. With Google Analytics, you can easily learn which keywords and key phrases people are using to find your products and services.

Google Ads: You can access Google AdWords, the largest program in the world for publishers. With Google AdWords, you can display ads on websites, blogs, and anywhere on the web. You can manage ad campaigns, manage your PPC campaigns, and monitor your click through rates. Studio connector allows you to use Google AdSense and Google AdWords together. The Google AdSense program provides updated conversion metrics and new ad groups, so you can maximize your online advertising dollars.

Google Cash: With Google Cash, you can instantly measure your campaigns, test different ads, and see how you are doing with different ad groups. You can also use the tracking features of Google Cash to analyze your bottom line. Using the rolling average, you can calculate the average cost per click, cost per mile, cost per action, and ROI. The monthly summary emails to let you know your earnings and profits by month. You can also track and analyze the performance of your ad campaigns and ad-buying programs.

Google Shopping: With Google Shopping, you can access real-time shopping data from over 100+ of your partner stores. This gives you immediate insights on your customers' search habits, browsing habits, purchase history, and past shopping preferences. The calculated metrics are based on the actual shopping behavior of your customers. If you want to take advantage of your customers' browsing patterns, you can use Google Shopping.

Social Media Metrics: Social media is fast becoming one of the biggest sources of business leads. You can access detailed social media statistics from all of your partner sites. The insights from this detailed social media profile include how many times your ad was viewed, how many times it was shared, the number of comments posted, and the number of likes or shares a particular post or status update received. All of these details are crucial to your marketing campaigns. The insights also tell you which posts and updates generated the most engagement. This information can help you fine-tune your social media marketing efforts and focus on the most effective content for your clients. Read also about GMB post automation

Content Calendar: Using Content Calendar, you can create and schedule posts and content for your blog, website, and mobile apps. When you want to share a special content with your clients or followers, you can easily do so by sending a post-type of the event. By using this calendar, you can send content relevant to your target audience and track when each post was created. You can also track which keywords and links are used in each post and determine which ones are producing the best results for your marketing efforts.

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