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Advantages of a 40w Co2 Laser Engraver

Viewed 105 times29-4-2023 05:35 PM

40w co2 laser engraver can cut and engrave various non-metal materials like wood, glass, paper, acrylic, etc. However, the quality of the cuts depends on the thickness and density of the material.

The material capability of a laser cutter is one of the most important factors that determine the selection of a suitable machine for your application. Entry-level CO2 laser cutters with comparatively lower laser power can be used to cut and engrave various materials, while industrial-grade CO2 lasers are better for cutting metals.

Diode lasers and fiber lasers are the most common types of laser engravers on the market today. The major difference between these two is that a diode laser produces a light beam using a bank of laser diodes, while a fiber laser uses amplified laser beams.

These diode lasers can be used for engraving both metals and non-metals, and their low power makes them a good choice for small businesses.

Generally, a diode laser engraver has an optical power of between 5-15W, which is not as powerful as a CO2 laser. But it can easily cut and engrave wood, glass, plastics, and paper.

Another advantage of a CO2 laser is that it can produce smoother and cleaner cuts in thick metals. A high-power CO2 laser can even produce colored laser engraving on certain metals.

A 40w co2 laser engraver is an excellent option for a small business looking to cut and engrave a variety of materials. OM Tech offers this model at an affordable price, and the laser is available in different configurations to meet your specific needs.

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