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Gambling Ads

Hot 2Viewed 62 times30-1-2023 06:28 PM

I see ex footballers and reality celebs are going to be banned from gambling adverts,how will they feed their families?

Apa Reaksi Anda...

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Reply MGRex 30-1-2023 10:01 PM
I think it's not right because those ads are a significant source of income for them. Those are just ads, nothing more
Reply Rkaji 30-1-2023 10:21 PM
There are many other ways for these players to make a living such as other types of advertisements, endorsements, public speaking, consulting, or even starting a business. Additionally, many of these celebrities have built up a sizable fanbase over the years and they can leverage their fame to promote other products or services.
It's also worth noting that while they will no longer be able to advertise land-based casinos or sports betting, they can still advertise online casinos such as best online casinos like , which are legal and regulated, and offer a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.


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